What is NAAE?

NAAE aims to promote the highest standards of English teaching through the involvement of its members as advisers, inspectors, lecturers and consultants in its activities.

It is the only professional association exclusively for those who provide advice, support and training across the whole field of English and literacy education. It exists to serve, develop and extend the professional interests of advisers, inspectors, independent consultants, primary and secondary consultants, teachers and researchers in Higher Education. It is affiliated to PROSPECT, the national body representing inspectors, advisers and consultants in all areas of the curriculum. NAAE has links with the National Association for the  Teaching of English (NATE), the United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA), The English and Media Centre (EMC), the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) and other English associations.

NAAE members have, individually and collectively, considerable knowledge of and insight into language, literary and literacy-related practices in classrooms at all phases of education and constantly seek to improve them. Through the Association, they have frequent access to those responsible for current and future education policy, and offer relevant, contemporary advice about raising standards for all learners.

NAAE is a registered charity, no.1106271