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Why teach English?

With the many pressures facing English teachers at all stages of their careers, I was heartened to read this reflective journal entry from an outstanding School Direct Salaried student teacher who is about to complete his training year. I think his reflections...
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Cambridge Primary Review Trust

A bridge over troubled waters?   Julie McCulloch  In a recent post on this blog, After primary, the ‘wasted years’?, Robin Alexander questioned some of the assumptions behind Ofsted’s recent tendency to compare secondary schools unfavourably...
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New Publications for EMC!

Summer’s here… and so is our new catalogue! Dear Colleague, As a charity, staffed entirely by former teachers with many years of classroom experience, the English and Media Centre’s sole purpose is to support teachers and students. We’re...
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Englicious is brought to you by the Survey of English Usage, a world-leading research unit at University College London, independently ranked as one of the world’s leading universities, and is part-funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council,...
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Reading for Enjoyment and Pleasure

Are our children reading for pleasure?  If so, what are they reading and when? The sixth annual literacy survey has recently been published by the National Literacy Trust, which records the views of 32,569 young people aged between eight and eighteen....
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