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Egmont’s campaign: ‘Make daily storytime statutory for all primary school children’

Egmont publishers have launched a campaign for a statutory daily storytime in primary schools.

Egmont’s website says: “In Egmont’s ‘Stories and Choices’ study at a primary school in Stoke on Trent, children were read to, just for fun, most days over one term. Their enjoyment and motivation to read themselves increased significantly and their reading attainment improved at more than twice the expected rate.

“Daily storytime is an easy and low cost solution to the crisis in reading. We’re calling on the Government to make storytime statutory, to change the curriculum to make space for reading aloud, so that all children up to the age of 11 hear a story every day, just for fun. We’ve already submitted an Early Day Motion (EDM) to Parliament, calling for a debate on this.”