Supporting English-related teaching and learning at all levels

The Oracy All-Party Parliamentary Group

The group exists to co-ordinate research, promote best practice and encourage the overarching principles of Oracy in education and society at large. The group have produced the following reports:

Speaking Frankly (2016) The English Speaking Union and Voice 21 This selection of essays explores the breadth of positive impact that oracy can have on students academic outcomes, wellbeing and future employment. 

State of speaking in our schools (2016) Will Millard and Loic Menzies, LKMCo This report provides analysis of evidence from over 900 teachers into how speaking and listening is currently taught and what barriers exist that prevent all schools from prioritising teaching these skills.

Talking about a Generation (2018) The Communications Trust An overview of the current policy landscape of the provision of communication teaching and skill development in children and young people, especially those who struggle to communicate.

The Oracy APPG has also held an inquiry entitled “Speak for change” . You can read the EMC response to this enquiry at: